Quite a Journey, for Me

Much catching up to do.
All the beautiful people I met threw a wonderful spin into the experience. Stories upon stories. Which i hope to tell in songs & blogs (hope to??? tsk tsk. WILL do! )

I stayed in San Diego many weeks. It was mostly laughter & fun. Smoking lots of weed wasn’t new but shrooms were a new experience. And doing all this with fabulous people was VERY new for this loner gal.

There were many sunsets, bonfires, fire dancers, music, amazing conversations & rolling on the floor laughter. All in Ocean Beach. I’m not the advice giver recommendation kind, but here’s one. Samesun Hostel was #1. And I stayed at MANY others on this journey. https://samesun.com/ocean-beach-hostel/ .

Of course life still happens and challenges did appear along with tears and the obstacles of learning. Most of the low times were connected to money & the lack of. There were also things like losing my ID, my bank card getting deactivated & losing various belongings like my earbud charger, a few one hitter pipes & my favorite silicone pipe.

I left NYC end of August to see other states in this country. Here’s the list again. It makes me smile & warms my heart to see where I wound up.

  • Nashville & Memphis, TN
  • Asheville, NC
  • Columbus, Cincinnati & Cleveland, OH
  • Chicago, IL
  • Boston & Cape Cod , MA
  • San Francisco & San Diego, CA

Along with a couple of revisited places; my cousins in Brockton MA and my Dad & brother in Las Vegas.

Right now I’m back in Las Vegas staying with Dad a few months. Trying desperately to save & get back to NYC.
Other than finances, that is the origin of my tears.
All the traveling was wonderful. It was also extremely confirming that New York City is home. A place like no other. The energy, the 24hr existence & getting around by using my feet! I miss it very much.

I am not alone when I say the pandemic has been life changing. I lost my retail job as we heard the first news of a illness spreading among us. However, I was VERY fortunate among many who were not. I received benefits and was financially fine. Well according to me I was fine. Others may say, “How can she survive like that! 😉

I made a choice to live off savings & credit to travel. Always being tethered to jobs I was not alone in never having traveled more then 2 weeks at a time every few yrs or so, if that.

I regret nothing. I am grateful my father helps me with bills & has his home in Vegas. It’s a boring existence for me, but necessary because my funds are gone.
I push myself to play guitar; working on new chords, strumming and songwriter. It’s not alway easy. Many secret tears in my bedroom here, I’m proud to admit. Tears are not shameful. I’ve come across many people who hold emotion in and literally can’t cry. I embrace my sad tears & I embrace my happy tears too.

That’s it for now. I hope to be back in NYC by fall. I will have to search for a new roommate situation.

Anyone out there? You may have noticed I have comments turned off. That comes from my limited time in Social Media. A world not for me where comments tended to bug me way more than engage me.

Feel free to drop me a note. Especially if you’re in need of a broke NYC roommate who wants to get back to the stage. A room in NYC for under $700 monthly would be amazing. Pipe dream?🥴
Ah rooming with a bandmate or 2 would be the ultimate. I mostly perform solo, but a band is another dream.

lv, ds